Action to Stop Nelson Miguel Reinoso Salgado!


Pursuant to file# 20420957.11, Nelson Salgado has court orders and collection demands
from multiple companies and individuals.
This person has stolen from his employers,
is a scammer, a thief, a registered gambling addict, a registered alcoholic and a liar.
We are a group of companies and individuals who have been victimized by this person.
We want to warn you to be very careful in employing him or working with him in any way.
Also do not sign any contracts with him since he is running a scheme.

There are multiple court orders against him in the city of Toronto & Montréal.

Nelson Reinoso Salgado

If you are victimized by this criminal, please leave a comment below or 
 click HERE to send us a private email and join our class action against him 



The more you guys do this the more I am paying to get you guys fuck I am fucking don't give a fuck what you trying to do here or get the only you get from me is you or you family fuck if the police not going to do anything I well you guys well see this my number 6476318560 Nelson miguel reinoso salgado I am here and I not hide from no one but you well have to run and hide for what is coming


There are too many people after you!!! You can't out run us all!!! And you also can't hide forever either!

Instead of threatening us, you should rectify your actions and pay-up your debt to all affected individuals and companies.
We sent a person to your address and you ran away knowing that he will be serving you with court papers. We gave you chances to meet with us in public and you didn't show up.
So you are hiding!

Sooner or later you will pay for your theft and actions.

Wow, I did not realize there are that many innocent people that have had the unfortunate opportunity to come across your existence! Too many people know your address and your whereabouts, the last thing I would do if I were you is threaten people's families ......Real men consider that an unforgivable offense. Sooner or later you will be persecuted in court and justice will prevail for your victims. One day you might come upon a person who will not be as tolerant as we are, watch your back...

** I have been 1 of the many many victims of this idiot and currently working with investigators of Canada's Fraud Investigation Bureau. Please feel free to comment and/or leave your name and number in a private message if you prefer. We are almost close enough to have him persecuted and deported for good!

Call this number 6476318560 or 4168084200 any time stop with the shit stupid fuck I know now who you are and I know your address I was yes waiting for this Caine of text I find out who you are see you soon

You take the shit from the internet I can fix you up you have my number bin stupid nothing well be fix I can guaranty you that is up to you I don't hide and I don't have anything to lose but I well get out and trust me well be nasty

Oh my!!! Thank you!! This is going right to the police! Again, with court order against you and class action lawsuits you should be careful sir.

I don't give a fuck go bring it to them let see what happens go do it I not afraid to you or what ever you want to say when someone don't have anything to lose and bin identification theft by stupid people like you is more charge against you them me and people do stupid things because there not have anything to lose and that what is going to happen to you no worry I well get you .

I know now who you are I bin seeing you soon remember I bin to you and I know where you are. 6476318560 Nelson reinoso remember that name and phone number you want to fix this feel free to call

Mr. scammer...I mean Nelson, of course you know who your victims are, but how are you sleeping at night knowing that you have scammed so many innocent people of their hard earned money and you are still living to tell about it...
Be careful, one of these days you will end up pissing off someone who will hurt you real bad.

We need you well and working hard so we can get our money back.
So go to work tomorrow and remember all your earnings will be ours.

Stop with this fucking shit and call me 6476318560 stupid you want to fix it or talk fell free but no more bushit texting or fucking message yes call

This idiot took all my savings of $16000. I have 3 dependents and am the sole provider for my family. this affected me a lot.
I also have a small struggling business and this incident might drive it to go bankrupt.
people like nelson should not be in public or our society, he should be sent back to Cuba where he will feel 'at home'...
nelson, there's no place for you in Canada! get the F^%@ out and go back to your f^%$# cuba!

Our immigration and legal systems are failing if we see people like nelson coming to live on other people's hard earned money!

Be careful of this person. He is a conniving bastard and will write any contract that you want, but in reality he keeps no bank account and deals only with cash.
He has a convincing ability and hooks you up to pay him more and more to recover the previous 'investments'.
He must have a PhD in the art of Scamming.

Call this number 4168084200

This person is travelling every month, he just came back from Cuba. Also he pays child support to his wife. He drives latest model cars. All with our own money!!
How come he's not in jail or dead yet?? if he stole from me, I would hurt him soooo bad!!

We compiled a file about Nelson with all the crimes that he has committed and everyone's complaints and sent it to the Cuban Embassy in Ottawa and a copy to the General Consulate of Cuba in Toronto. It also includes details of his fraudulent Cuban deals that he did in Mississauga scamming the Cuban government and working with corrupt Cuban officials.
He will be jailed for at least 2 years upon his next landing in Cuba.
Bon Voyage!...

I will pay for his one-way ticket to the Cuban jail. May he rest in peace there, among his like-minded friends.

I will help pay for the 1 way ticket lemme kno

Finally I found you! been a long long time! I've been waiting for 2 years for my money. You think you can steal $38,000 from me and hide?! I have now found you and will join with everybody to put an end to your actions.

Nelson's Address: 318 Pellet Dr., Toronto

Nelson, you will cry like a girl in a Cuban Jail! Jajajajajaj

Call me he says, call me I'm not scared, I'm not hiding!!!! uhmmmmm ok Nelson!!! Hahahahaha you really shouldn't be putting the police station phone number and claiming it as your number. I just spoke with the police station and they will be filing a complaint against you!

If anyone calls the phone numbers he LEFT, you may file a complaint! 4168084200 is the police station. Again Nelson, great way to add to your list of scams! Although the more you do the more will add up against you.

Do not fall in to his scheme once again ....the other phone number is a private cell number to a detective as well. Call regular hours and file a complaint that Nelson is exploiting the police station phone number and detective on social media!

Filed a complaint at the same police station, however they don't have any record of Nelson obviously. They will investigate.

I have a court order and a police charge against this guy as Felony Theft by Deception. But neither the police nor the court is helping to get him in jail and stop him from deceiving others.

Our system is a failure, but the day will come and we will be inline visiting him either in jail, in a hospital or morgue.

Hopefully we will eventually see justice the more of us that band together. At some point he should be stopped. At least employers will see this if they are contemplating employing him. I just don't understand how someone can go to jail for speeding tickets but not an offense such as this??!!...and the continuous acts of theft and fraud he commits on innocent and struggling people. He just keeps going and going!

He is not employed and not even looking for jobs, he just found a loophole in the system and taking advantage of it and going on and on stealing people's hard earned money!
people like nelson belong in jail indefinitely or sent back to cuba!
I blame his stupid and naive wife Lucy Lu who married him and got him to Canada.

I have a small-claims court order against this guy and he's not paying. Will be taking him to superior court next. I won't let him get away with his fraudulent acts. I have reserved $60K just to fight him in superior court with real lawyers and give him a permanent criminal record and a jail sentence, which he deserves.
We should all join forces and go after him.
All his court communication was done in his wife's address at 505 Cummer Ave. apt 1013, I am sure she is part of it and all the money he is stealing is being hidden in their joint account under her name.
I salute and thank the person who created this site...making us join forces and fight crime together.

That's a great idea, nowadays we can file a small claims online and it costs very little. No need for lawyers. I would advise everyone to file a small claims case against Nelson. The more we have, the better our chances of stopping him defrauding other people and putting him in jail.
Here'e the link:
You can go upto $25K
If he owes you more than $25K, then file two separate claims one as fraud, the other one as theft.
Good luck.

@vako, I will contact you to join your case.

I would suggest for us to write our own experience (story) with Nelson so if the police will ever read this page they will understand how many people were scammed by him and hopefully will take action when the time arrives.

Nelson came to me 4 years ago asking for help, he said he is trying to start his own auto body shop business and needs help financing it and is willing to split the profit 50%. Together we will be flipping cars - he will buy, repair and sell, my part is only financing. He was convincing enough, signed a contract about the whole process, provided his IDs and address. So we started this so-called 'business'.
A week later he came with a cheque of my initial investment plus a profit, then he showed me another opportunity for higher returns and even told me that he will leave a Toyota Venza worth $20K with me as collateral until he pays me in full. How can I refuse? So we wrote another contract and I paid him more money, but immediately he drove off with that Toyota.
I called him and he said his son had broken his foot during a soccer match and had to rush to the hospital. I believed him and called him couple of days later asking if his son was ok, he didn't know what I was talking about, then he remembered his lie and said yes he's ok and that he will bring the car same day.
A week later and after multiple calls he calls me back that he's in Cuba with an emergency, then he came back to my place and asked for more money since the car he fixed came out with an issue and he needs to do more repairs to recover our investment, I refused and asked for my initial investment back and didn't ask for any profit at that point.
Another week later all his phone numbers were disconnected and he's nowhere to be found.
A year later I found him and served him with court papers.
We went for mediation, his wife was there too and he threatened the judge and myself that he prefers to declare bankruptcy than pay my money!
A month later we went to court and the judge issued a judgement against him and ordered him to pay the full amount back (file# SC-16-00005391-0000)
He gave me post-dated cheques which bounced (of course) and cost me $105 NSF fees for 3 of them.
That was on Nov 2016 and after thousands of dollars of investigator and court fees he still hasn't paid a cent and hiding from me.

Now I have hired a lawyer to take him to supreme court with criminal charges against him.
I have all the initial text messages, voice messages and contracts as evidence where he has admitted he owes me the money.

Can't wait to hear your story with this jerk, please write.

NELSON! Just out of curiosity, you claim to not be hiding, however you are doing just that!!! You give a false phone number (the police station) and threaten everyone and their families but are nowhere to be found! As much as you think you can hide, you will be found! You are threatining to hurt people's families because we are trying to retreive money that you have stolen from us??? That is preposterous! You and your wife will be held liable for the heinouse acts you have both committed against innocent people. Wages garnished, prison time, deportation......whatever it takes, you both will pay the price for inflicting trauma and turmoil on innocent peoples lives with the prime INTENT to do so. This was a plan coherced and committed by both you and your wife and you will BOTH be held liable for these offenses! You may have outrun the law thus far, however, there are too many of us, and too much evidence for you both to escape the repercussions to come. A professional con artist can only go so far before his time runs out and the law catches up with him! What is up against you and your wife at this present the number of victims that have come forth! This is something you both will not be able to escape. She is just as culpable and guilty as you are and this time you will not be exonerated from your actions!

I noticed in the initial comments Nelson was threatening us. What grounds does he have to threaten us? he knows he is guilty and no lawyer will take his case. If he goes to the police, they might arrest him on-the-spot. Also if he has money to hire a lawyer, then he should also have money to pay us back!
Vako, I will contribute to your legal case, will contact you via the webmaster of this site.

Nelson Miguel Reinoso Salgado, usted es una vergüenza para la gente de mi amada Cuba. Traes deshonra, a tu familia y a tus hijos. Incluso corrompiste a tu esposa la puta, que también es tu cómplice. Un hombre como usted que no tiene moral, probablemente está criando a sus hijos para que vivan la misma vida vergonzosa que usted y su esposa hacen. Las drogas, la botella, y dormir con prostitutas.

Es como los latinos como tú que Donald Trump habla de esa vergüenza a las buenas personas de la raza. Eres un pedazo de mierda !!! Que Dios te traiga una muerte lenta y dolorosa, aun así, ¡estas víctimas de tus crímenes no serán vengadas! ¡Muere despacio como un cerdo a la matanza!


Translation by Admin:

You dishonour our people:
Nelson Miguel Reinoso Salgado, you are a shame to the people of my beloved Cuba. You bring dishonor to your family and children. You even corrupted your wife, who is also your accomplice. A man like you who does this has no morals, you are probably raising your children the same embarrassing life that you and your wife do - drugs, alcohol, prostitutes.

It's Latinos like you that Donald Trump talks about that bring shame on the good people of other races. You are a piece of shit!!! God will bring you a slow and painful death, even so, these victims of your crimes will not be avenged! Die slowly like a pig to the slaughter!

This man is an absolute scammer, I am happy to see that someone is finally taking action against this dirt bag. He scammed myself and 2 other individuals that I know of for about 20k. It is just absolutely hard to believe that this person is not in jail yet.

Nelson sooner or later everything comes on an end.

We need to keep-in-touch, join forces and get organized, find all his other victims. Then together we can make a difference and put this guy out of commission.
Teamwork will give us better success in our class action against him. We can even revoke his citizenship and send him back to where he came from.
Criminal immigrants don't belong in Canada!!

The police won't help, there's no point. I don't even bother going to the police. I was his "realtor", he was pretending to own properties and that he wanted to purchase properties over $1M. I caught him in a lie, and he stole money from me. I know where he lived at the time and where his girlfriends live in Toronto too. His girlfriend and kids are all part of it.

I got a call from Nelson yesterday, he said he's doing well now and is ready to pay me the money "that belongs to me and not him" his words. Then he continued demanding that 1st I have to close down this site (which doesn't belong to me). This criminal has the audacity to make demands before he pays what the court has ordered him!

I am sure he will try to call you with the same scheme, saying that the police records show that you own this website. Don't cave-in, even if you are the site owner, please don't bring the site down or at least AFTER you get full payment with no conditions attached.

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